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Re: [IP] A scary philosphy!!!

On 7/29/03 9:39 PM, "Shannon James" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated
stellar typing skills by writing:

> "My philosophy is, you are not really a Type 1 (former juvenile diabetic)
> unless you were diagnosed as a child"
> What is so scary about the above remark is that it was made by someone who
> claimed to be a nurse! Raise your hand if you would be scared to be in the
> hospital dependent on this person for your insulin and she refused to give it
> to you because she wouldn't acknowledge that you were type 1.  (my hand is up
> in the air!).

Mine too. 

I have one "Scary Nurse's message" for ya, I was at the home of a senior
citizen I checked in on everyday at our flats in Belfast, and her adult
daughter who was nursing "Sister" -Think: 'nurse supervisor'- was visiting
from England. 

The Daughter made what are known to them as "Chocolate Hob Nobs" a cookie
with brown sugar, oats, and honey among other things, and half are dipped
into chocolate. I said I had only been diagnosed with IDDM about a year
before (I was still on shots :-P) and she said "OH! You can have these,
they've got BROWN sugar and natural honey in them! have a couple..." passing
the plate to me!!

Ugh...as big as she made them (Think of "Grandma's cookies" you get out of
college vending machines, about the size of a coaster or AOL CD)  MAN!  I'm
only guessing at about 60-80g CHO in EACH....

Run awaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy................

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Jenny Sutherland
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