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[IP] A scary philosphy!!!

"My philosophy is, you are not really a Type 1 (former juvenile diabetic)
 unless you were diagnosed as a child"

What is so scary about the above remark is that it was made by someone who
claimed to be a nurse! Raise your hand if you would be scared to be in the
hospital dependent on this person for your insulin and she refused to give it
to you because she wouldn't acknowledge that you were type 1.  (my hand is up
in the air!).

 I think what this person may have really been trying to express was that it
is difficult to acquire type one as a child.  I imagine that would definately
be hard.  It is also hard to be diagnosed as type 1 as an adult, or type 2 as
a child or an adult.

So lets support all of us whether we are type one, type 1.5, type two or type
weird (as Natalie calls herself)!

kindest regards,
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