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Re: [IP] MiniMed..What Next!

I have made the decision to never purchase ANYTHING from MM again.  I had a
508 that went bad two months after the warranty ran out and they told me the
only way to get it fixed was to purchase another warranty for $495.  The
answer....Ebay!  I have had a 508 that I bought from someone who upgraded to a
Paradigm for less than MM's warranty.  I also buy all of my sets off of Ebay.
Some people may be skeptical of this practice but (knock on wood) I keep
myself with plenty of supplies and MM hasn't seen a dime from me since!
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  Hi Everyone,

  I have encountered a very interesting but irritating problem today.  I
  received a letter via UPS from MiniMed.  I ordered supplies yesterday and
  figured that the UPS guy was delivering them, but it was this letter.

  The letter stated that I could no longer purchase supplies from MiniMed
  (either by private payment or though insurance) until I returned THREE
  MiniMed 508 pumps that I have.  They stated that I have four MiniMed 508
  pumps under my name/account and until the account is settled, I would have
  no further access to ordering supplies.  First, I have ONE pump, not three
  extra like they stated.  Gee, I don't really want the MiniMed pump that I
  have, let alone three extras!!

  I called Minimed and after almost a three hour phone discussion, including
  talking to department supervisors, technicians and such, they said that I
  was still responsible for the three pumps...even though I have never laid
  hands on them!  I returned my original pump once when it completely died and
  upon receiving a replacement promptly returned the other to customer
  service.  I called MiniMed to confirm that they received the pump and they
  stated that they did.  This is the ONLY replacement pump that I have had.  I
  explained that to them, but they were rude.  They further insulted me by
  asking if I had them "laying around the house".  This is not the first time
  they have messed my account up.  I received a Paradigm 511 two months ago
  out of the blue.  I called and questioned this and they stated that it must
  have been a FedEx mistake.

  So, my question is, has anybody else had this happen to them while dealing
  with MiniMed? And if so, how did you get the situation resolved?  And how
  difficult is it to get infusion sets from another insulin pump company such
  as Disetronic, etc...even though you have a MM pump?  I thought about trying
  a mail order Rx company, but didn't know if this would work.  Any

  This is one situation that has caught me off guard and left a very bitter
  taste in my mouth.  I received another call from MiniMed a short time ago
  and they "thanked me for taking the time to resolve the issues at hand and
  informed me that they didn't realize that I was a doctor."  I stated to them
  that it shouldn't matter if I was a raw sewage treatment plant worker or a
  doctor, that everyone should receive the outstanding service.  They had no
  answer to that one.

  Any one have suggestions?


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