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[IP] Radio links for meters, pumps and remotes


Infra red networking has to be line of sight; whereas, radio frequency
networking does not.

Biomedical engineers are very paranoid about any RF brought into hospitals,
thus, no cell phones are allowed.  Of course, we are talking about much lower
power transmitters than cell phones, but I wonder if any hospital would
knowingly allow them.  Just a thought, I may be way off.


> My question is, why are they using RF to send the signal.  Why aren't they
> using the IR port?  I know the 508s have them and I assume the Paradigms do
> because that was how they were supposed to transfer data to a computer.
> of those features they talked about 5 years ago that never came to consumer
> fruition.  From what I understand the Cozmore will use IR.

> Tech geek getting off her soap box,
> Sherry
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