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[IP] Really type 1 (renamed)

-sounds a little like something that came up a few months ago


You may call him Raymond Johnson
others my call him Ray J Johnson
still, others my call him RJ Johnson
yet others my call him Raymond Jay Johnson Jr.
BUT, you know what ??
to All, hes "Mr Johnson"

(some of you, will get that, others wont)
(if you need to hear it.... go here: http://www.tvparty.com/sounds8/reddray.ram

Like it matters soooo much, what its called, and why.???

 >>you are not really a Type 1 (former juvenile diabetic)    unless you 
were diagnosed as a child.
based on ive been taught (by folks in this list) , (and only based on that) 
you are Plain Wrong....

 >>Unless you have walked a mile in my shoes, don't  think you know what 
juvenile diabetes is.
Ive never walked a millimeter, in your shoes, and guess what????..
I DO know what it is, regardless of what i happens to be called (assuming, 
you have, what i have)........,
and, i feel, that that statement, is a bit arrogant....(sorry... but i do)

 >> I personally think that there should  be... ...........

PLEH-EZE........ why does it matter.........just What Is the big 
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