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Re: [IP] Gestational Diabetes

I to 14 years ago had a son and I developed gestational diabetes. I also am 
Type one still. It is not all that rare. 
Sharon C
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> Cindy: I must disagree with you when you say the gestational diabetes is 
> always type 2 and not type 1.  I developed gestational dm in my 8th month of 
>  pregnancy. I had been losing weight while eating almost continually and
> drinking
> and urinated all day and night.
> While I had been seeing the gyn each month there at the end of my pregnancy, 
 > I had never shown sugar in my urine. One day, while outside showing my Mom my
> flowers, I went into what I now know as hyperglycemia.
> Could hardly walk back into the house, was literally soaked with sweat and 
> demanded bread with jelly on it.  I perspired so much while lying on the bed 
 > eating the jelly that the mattress were soaked. There after I saw my ob/gy
 > that time, I was a "4+" in my urine sample..He took a blood test which he did
> not get the results until the next day and called me to go the hospital 
>  immediately. My baby weighed alb 6 oz. which kind of proved I had only
> developed DM
 > in the past month or 2. She was normal. I have never been insulin resistant
 > to this day and I was diagnosed in 1965. This is why I cannot begin to agree
> with your assumptions.   Just my thoughts.....Jackie P
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