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RE: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #416

"My philosophy is, you are not really a Type 1 (former juvenile
 unless you were diagnosed as a child. If you haven't been a child
taking shots
dealing with diabetes, I don't care what the medical community calls it,
are not really a Type 1. Unless you have walked a mile in my shoes,
 think you know what juvenile diabetes is. I personally think that there
a new classification."

I have type I since I was 19 with full DKA on onset and now that my
pancreas is removed would I fit under type I by your standards?

I think diabetes is such a progressive disease. I have one parent that
was diagnosis at 19 with type I and my father at 57 with type II without
the diabetes being treated for about 7 years prior to that. The
complications that each suffers from the diabetes is the same
now...kidney, eyes, heart, and feet. Even though my mom has dealt with
diabetes 40+ years and my dad only 3 years the problems they both endure
now are the same. My look at it is the same in the end regardless of how
you got there. If good control is not maintained with the use of
WHATEVER it takes to get there.

For the doctors diabetes is not a science that they can easily say take
this and you'll be fine. It is a guessing game on what works and doesn't
work and changing all the time. Same with the oral meds. At one point
there was no benefit for a type I to take them but with the different
classifications of drugs that some will help type I with control then so
be it and let's keep trying to help each other out and use the tools
available, push for new ones and maintain good control.

Gail Donohue
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