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Re: [IP] Really type 1 (renamed)

> His adjustment to diabetes has actually been more difficult than Jenny's.
> He is single, lives away from family, and is uncomfortable socially
> because he isn't sure how women will react. He actually went back to
> shots because he didn't like being attached to the pump.
> I don't think it's fair to say he isn't a Type 1. Medically, he is. His
> pancreas isn't producing insulin. Socially and psychologically, he is
> struggling.

it does make such a huge difference when you have supportive friends and
family around when you've got this annoying disease.  or at the very least
in the earlier weeks/months when you're trying to get a handle on things.
it also doesn't help that when you're an adult being diagnosed, you're
expected to be able to handle things easier than a child would.  it's still
a huge adjustment, and a lot of people don't seem to be as understanding as
they might be toward the child who's just been dx'd.
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