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[IP] re:Question about hypoglycemia and diabetes

--- On Tue 07/29, Shannon James < email @ redacted > wrote:
Subject: [IP] re:Question about hypoglycemia and diabetes

Someone wrote in asking if hypoglycemic episodes are a precursor to adult
onset type 1 diabetes. I, too, had hypoglycemic episodes long before I was
diagnosed with DM. A diabetes educator told me that this often happens
because the pancreas is beginning to malfunction by over producing insulin.
She said that it IS in fact a warning sign that you may develop type 1 in the

 Shannon, there is (or was) at one point in time, a condition the medical
community called *sugar reactive hypoglycemia*...which today doesn't exist but
in 1991 did.

 I know cause that is what was written on my medical chart. Hypoglycemia. And
for years I believed it...they told me that if I didn't *behave myself*, I would
become diabetic...know something...they were right. I had a bad case of

 At that time, the medical community only looked at your fbg for diagnosis even
during a GTT. And mine was 100. Never mind that my 2 hour was 265 and my 3 was
60. They ONLY looked at the fasting. But if I didn't eat, I bottomed out in a
hurry and I was forever getting too busy to eat.

 Seven years later, my fasting was 265. I wasn't a type I even with
hypoglycemia. So alot of it depends on the type or reason for the hypoglycemia.
But this thread HAS given me a clue as to the reason someone else may be having
trouble...she is hypoglycemic and can't figure out why...this morning I
suggested she get tested for type I...thanks to y'all. Liz

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