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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #416

> My philosophy is, you are not really a Type 1 (former juvenile diabetic)
>  unless you were diagnosed as a child. If you haven't been a child taking
> and
> dealing with diabetes, I don't care what the medical community calls it,
> are not really a Type 1. Unless you have walked a mile in my shoes, don't
>  think you know what juvenile diabetes is. I personally think that there
> be
> a new classification. Maybe insulin requiring Type 2 would be more
>  appropriate, and in fact as I am a RN and review charts for a living, I
see a
> lot of
> doctors really call it that. Perhaps the ADA should formally change the
>  classifications as many doctors do it anyway. Just wanted to get this off
> chest as
> it had bothered me for a long time.

oh give me a break!  :)
i'm a type 1 diabetic who was diagnosed as an adult.  i'm *not* a type 2
diabetic requiring insulin.  i certainly would not pretend to know what it
might be like to be a child or adolescent with type 1 diabetes, but i sure
can talk about it from the adult perspective!
i'd be very angry at any doctor who attempted to call me a type 2 requiring
insulin, i don't have resistance to insulin (either that my body makes or
that i inject - and i have to pump that stuff into me), i just don't make
the stuff.  they initially did put me on meds, since they just assumed i was
type 2, but the meds did nothing, and my sugars just kept rising.  finally a
new doc tested my insulin production, and i was yanked off the meds and put
on the pen.

IMHO, i really dislike the term juvenile diabetes, i don't think it's
accurate, considering that most type 1 children and teens grow up to be type
1 adults.  call me type 1, call me IDDM, but don't dare call me a juvenile
diabetic  (or type 2 requiring insulin).
on the other hand, the term juvenile diabetes, and the constant use of cute
little kids in the ads, certainly does help pull at the purse-strings of
donors, probably a lot better than if it was me on the poster. :)

(btw, i read your comment to my mother - she's a nurse with university
degrees in nursing and business, and she thanked you for the laugh.  she
knows full well that her daughter isn't a type 2 diabetic requiring insulin)

i don't want to sound hostile, but please know that there are a number of
use adult-onset type 1 diabetics out here, all of whom know well what the
life of a type 1 diabetic is like, minus the extra trouble puberty would
have caused. ;)  (yes, i'm extremely grateful i never had to go through
that... diabetes and puberty?  ow!)
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