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[IP] re:Question about hypoglycemia and diabetes

Someone wrote in asking if hypoglycemic episodes are a precursor to adult
onset type 1 diabetes.  I, too, had hypoglycemic episodes long before I was
diagnosed with DM.  A diabetes educator told me that this often happens
because the pancreas is beginning to malfunction by over producing insulin.
She said that it IS in fact a warning sign that you may develop type 1 in the

I have also read that hypogycemic incidents in "normals" (non dm'rs) is
actually very rare. Like the person who wrote in asking about hypos before
onset of diabetes I want to know if there is anyone else out there who had
this happen?  When it happened to me in the years before I had full blown
diabetes I thought I was having "panic attacks" since I had not heard of
hypos.  In looking back I now know that they were low blood sugars.

kindest regards,
Type 1 since 1995
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