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RE: [IP] BG Really Low but You're Still Functioning

Insulin levels will drop as the insulin is used up in the body.  Even if your 
BGL is low, there is still glucose in the bloodstream for the insulin to work 
on.  I also believe (but someone can correct me if I'm wrong) that after a 
 while, insulin will naturally breakdown whether used to convert glucose or not.

But, that is where the complexity starts to take place.  The body may still 
respond with elevated insulin levels if the BGL is low enough.  I'm not sure, 
as I've not read any research saying as much.  But, I have read research that 
shows that elevated insulin levels itself is the major contributing factor in 
the release of (or rather, the NON release of) glucagon.


>Ryan Bruner Wrote:
><<<Now, the "rebound" that diabetics experience from the glucagon also is 
>the result of insulin.  By the time the insulin levels drop for 
>glucagon to be produced, now there is not enough insulin in the body to 
>INHIBIT the release of glucagon, ...>>>
>Just wondering, how is the insulin lever dropping? what makes it drop?
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