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Re: [IP] Paradigm 512


 I think that is true. I'm curious to know how people are doing this today with
regards to the remote.  Are people using the remote on the airplanes?  Are 
people turning off the pumps?  

It might be that it is using a frequency that is safe for airplane use.  Plus, 
the range of the RF on the pump is only 4 ft...so it isn't likely powerful 
enough to be regulated for airline use, unlike cell phones (several miles) or 
Bluetooth (10+ meters), which have a much larger range.  

The manual makes no mention of warnings for use in airplanes, so I think it is 
considered safe at the power levels that it would produce.

But, the 512 DOES allow a method to manually enter BG levels as well if it 
really did come to that.


>But Ryan, isn't this the stuff that you have to turn off in airplanes? 
>So it's possible that you won't be able to use the RF in an airplane,
>just have to manually plug the numbers in from a test?  Or am I missing
>something in this (wouldn't be uncommon)?
>Judi in MI
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