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Re: [IP] RE: Battery life on the 512

So back to my original statement:  I'd like to see postings from people
after they start using this pump on how long the batteries last, and
have them list what features they have turned on.  We won't really know
for sure probably until people start posting about their use of this
meter.  Of course, maybe the more tests they do will also have something
to do with the battery life.  I'm just interested to know more about
these things.  

My son is going to wait for answers to some of these questions before he
even things about doing the upgrade to his 511.  He said maybe next year.
But then, if there is not going to be any insurance coverage for the
update, which I just read, he probably won't do it.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> "Use of some features. The backlight, vibrate, remote control and/or meter 
> options decrease battery life."
> So, using the meter WILL shorten battery life.  By how much, however, it 
> doesn't say.
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