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Re: [IP] Paradigm 512

Infrared (IR) is much more limited than RF.  IR requires "line of sight" to 
communicate.  So, in order for the pump to communicate with the meter, the IR 
port of the meter and the pump would have to be lined up...kind of like how 
when you use your TV remote control, you have to point it at the TV.

RF can work even if one or both of the devices are hidden or inaccessible, 
etc.  If you keep your meter in a case, and your pump at your waist, you could 
likely have to move the pump or meter to be pointing at one another, which 
would be quite inconvenient.

 IR has limited availability on computers other than laptops and PDAs nowadays.
The "future" of communications is making use of RF (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.) 
technology.  IR had a good early start because it was easier to implement and 
cheaper despite lack of convenience.  

 I see no indication of any IR port on my Paradigm. I think it was abandoned to
save space in the pump given that there is RF support, which is more robust.

 If the Cozmore will use IR, it is because they haven't planned for RF support.
IR will be much less convenient than RF, but allow for the claim of wireless 
communication between devices.  From a marketing standpoint, it is a wise 
decision because it gets people to buy their pumps.  From a technology 
standpoint, they will have some catching up to do.


>My question is, why are they using RF to send the signal.  Why aren't they
>using the IR port?  I know the 508s have them and I assume the Paradigms do
>because that was how they were supposed to transfer data to a computer.  One
>of those features they talked about 5 years ago that never came to consumer
>fruition.  From what I understand the Cozmore will use IR.
>Tech geek getting off her soap box,
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