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I couldn't agree with you more....your last statement....:)


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If you are referring to what I said, you've completely misunderstood my 

You appear to think the following is true:
>>This whole debate started from someone saying they had used oral meds
>>before insulin (not with) and now they are Type 1.   Someone else
>>said teens are being prescribed oral meds and I responded by saying
>>that would not be a treatment for Type 1 teens.  Oral meds for Type 1
>>diabetics is not a treatment option, period.  Unless they develop
>>insulin resistance and now have characteristics of both Type 1 and 2.

What I said, is that I was diagnosed with diabetes, took oral 
medications WHICH DID NOT WORK, and was put on insulin.  Insulin is 
still not controlling the situation which is why I am going to a pump.

As to oral medications, each class works differently than the rest.

The sulfonylureas stimulate the beta cells to produce more insulin.  
This would NOT be affective for a Type I diabetic since their beta 
cells don't work.

Prandin also stimulates surges of insulin which would not work with a 
Type I for the same reason.

Metforim decreases liver production of glucose and also affects insulin 
sensitivity, thus it might help a Type I.

Avandia decreases insulin resistance, which again, might be helpful for 
a Type I

The bad news is that all of the above medications have known side 
effects which cause almost as many problems as they solve.
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