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Re:[IP] Type 2 on insulin

With 28 subsets (I believe) of type 2 diabetes, probably not all are insulin 
resistant. Also, by the time we need insulin, who's to say we are *not* 
"insulin dependent?" If we did not "depend" on insulin to keep our BGs under 
control, then we would not be taking it. Something to ponder. :-)

Jan and ElvisToo

In a message dated 7/26/03 9:22:26 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted

> Subject: [IP] Type 2 on insulin
> >>>I was a type 2 and now insulin dependant on the Disetronic D-Tron plus>>>
> This means you are now a Type 2 who is being controlled by insulin. T-2 DM
> (Diabetes Mellitus) is a progressive disease and you may have started out
> with diet, then pills, and now using insulin. Type 2 is insulin resistance.
> Type 1 means the pancreas has no activity and must have insulin delivered
> under the skin (shots/infusion) to live. A C-Peptide test is usually done if
> there is any doubt as to which type one is.
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