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Re: [IP] Paradigm 512

I'm not convinced that's true.  Theoretically, the remote control should have 
been able to "seek out" the pump just as easily as a meter.  This would have 
 prevented the pump from needing to keep "looking for" the remote, and batteries
would have been saved.  The batteries on the remote would have only been used 
when the buttons are pressed, etc.

However, it wasn't implemented that way because I believe technologically 
speaking the pump itself must be in a state that it is ready to RECEIVE the RF 
signal.  That is why it must, every few seconds, "seek out" the remote.  This 
uses up additional battery power.

The meter would have to work the same way.  Like a button press on the remote 
control, a BG reading would need to signal the pump...but the pump would need 
to "wake up" it's RF every so often as it does for the remote in order to 
receive the signal.  This is what takes up the additional battery power.

I think that there is NO additional battery drain on the 512 to use the meter 
IF you already have it enabled to use the remote.  However, if you do NOT use 
the remote, then enabling the RF to work with the meter WILL take additional 
battery power.  

Of course, one possibility is that the data isn't really "automatically" 
trasferred to the pump...but that some action on the pump will trigger it to 
 seek on the meter and transfer the data. This would, then, prevent the need to
continually poll the meter, but only poll the meter when some action on the 
 pump is performed. This would save battery power, and would make sense because
IF you, in fact, wanted to give a correction bolus, you would go to the pump 
after you performed a BG test.

Really, perhaps someone who now HAS the 512 could provide some insight.  It 
 would be helpful to know...after you test with the meter, does the pump require
any action on your part to show that the BG test was performed?  Or does the 
pump AUTOMATICALLY indicate that a test was performed?  If it is the latter, 
then there WOULD be excess battery drain.  If it is the former, then it is 
possible that there would NOT be excess battery drain.


>>I wonder if the pump always searching for the meter will
>>drain the battery like the pump searching for the remote control did.
>Negative.  From what I read this is not the case, the meter will only search
>for the pump with a new reading.
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