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[IP] RE: BG still low

Your review is much more on target and consistent with the
literature with which I am familiar. Good job, on reporting
this here.

Much of Scott's review is also related to hypoglycemia
unawareness, an
excellent reason for needing an insulin pump, if you have
this problem.

Be safe, stay "correctly" informed.


 >>Counter-regulation is a complex function that is often
ignored by a
scientificand medical community that seems to see
hyperglycemia as the only
  problem requiring their attention. Unfortunately,
hypoglycemia is largely
 blamed onthe patient, in spite of the severe limitations
created by insulin therapy inits
current modalities. The counter-regulatory function is
impaired in many people
with diabetes,including virtually everyone with Type 1 and
many people with
Type 2. Normally during insulin-induced hypoglycemia, the
sequence of primary
hormonecounterregulatory responses is as follows...<<
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