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[IP] RE: Joslin 25 Year Medal

Scott reminded me by writing:

> In the early days (right after home BG testing was introduced) and we used
> color-matching to determine BG levels, we could slice the strips in half
> double the number of tests we got out of them.  No such luck today, and
> call it progress.

I hadn't thought about that in years.  Was this also something that
of strips advised us against doing, despite twice the bang for the buck?  It
was a
bit of work to scissor all the strips and never end up with even close to
even strip
of the strips

Steve (dxed 10/66 at age 11, started using bg meter circa 1980, started
using MM508
in Sept 2000, started with closed loop system soon as one is commercially
available, i hope
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