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[IP] questions about hypoglycemia and diabetes

>>Well, a year or so later I was diagnosed
gestational diabetic and had to test my bg levels.  My tester confirmed
that the weird feelings were indeed low blood sugar.  The last
time(before my "official" diagnosis) I remember feeling "low" was after
my second child was born, probably a year before I was diagnosed with
diabetes.  I ate some cookies and was fine.  Of course, by the time I was
diagnosed my hbA1c was 14.8, so I hadn't been low for awhile.<<

Gestational diabetes leads to Type 2, not Type 1 diabetes.  Women who 
develop gestational diabetes have trouble with insulin resistance, 
the same problem that occurs for many Type 2's.  It's very common for 
them to go on to develop Type 2 at some point.

Your early hypoglycemia would not be symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. 
There are many conditions that cause hypoglycemia, but Type 1 
diabetes is not one of them.  Type 1's experience hypoglycemia due to 
too much injected insulin in their bodies, usually a result of 
excessive exercise or not eating enough food.

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