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Re: [IP] I agree Scott !!

I was diag at age 4 or 5, 1940-41.  same story  we must have had the same 

At 02:48 PM 7/28/2003 -0700, you wrote:
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>Scott, you said it like it is.We should be recognized for surviving with
>diabetes for so many years with complications or not.  I have survived for 60
>years with diabetes diag. at age 12.  I have written to Joslin 3 times already
>with no reply from them.  I am happy to still be here  because I was given 20
>years to live when I was in my teens.  The Doctor that told me this is long
>gone. I married at 21 and had 3 beautiful children.  So figure !!!!!!!  Still
>going strong at 72 years old.  Connie
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