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RE: [IP] questions about hypoglycemia and diabetes

  Ryan, I am a type II and have experienced far more lows on orals than I have
on insulin...I've been diabetic since Dec 1998. On insulin since June 2002. Most
type II's on orals who take a sulfonylurea are extremely susceptible to
hypoglycemia since they force our pancreas to produce insulin. If I didn't eat
on an exact schedule, I would go low faster than I do now on insulin and I still
misjudge my carb counts.
 And it doesn't take someone with hypoglycemia already to do this...if you look
up the side effect of the sulfonylurea drugs, that one is top of the list. So to
say it's not normal for a type II is not exactly correct...it all depends on
what drugs they take for their diabetes. For a type II on no oral meds, you are
right but most type II's end up on meds VERY early on. I just wish I had ended
up on insulin early on instead of orals...the side effects of the orals are a
nightmare! Liz--- On Mon 07/28, < email @ redacted > wrote:
 Subject: RE: [IP] questions about hypoglycemia and diabetesYou can experience
lows without diabetes. First of all, experiencing lows is NOT normal for a Type
2 diabetic unless they are on insulin.

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