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[IP] RE: Type 1 treated additionally with oral drugs

I started on Avandia 15 years after Type I diagnosis. Despite that fact 
that Avandia makes no claims for treatment of Type I diabetes, lack of 
Beta Cell insulin production has no impact on Avadia's benefit to the 
body.  Avandia increased the uptake of insulin.  Type I diabetics can see 
issues with insulin uptake.  The fact that the insulin is your own or 
manufactured is irrelevant.  I saw a 20% reduction in the amount of 
insulin that I used after going on Avandia. I also went from a HGBA1C of 
10.1% down to 8.1% with Avandia.  Today, with the combination of Avandia, 
compliance, and an Insulin Pump, my A1C stays around 5.8%. If you take any 
of the three away, my A1C shoots back up.

Animas 1000R, Wisconsin

Subject: [IP] Re: Type 1 vs. Type 2
I know of one teenager who was first diagnosed with Type 1 and now is 
being treated additionally with oral drugs because of the insulin 
resistant. Maybe the teenager was diagnosed improperly as a Type 1 because 
of his/her age.  Type 2 is such an epidemic that it isn't considered an 
adult disease anymore.
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