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[IP] Re: Deltec Cozmo backlight

I can't speak for the Cozom, but on the Paradigm, the FIRST time an alert 
signals, the backlight comes on.  Presumably this is so you can see it even in 
 the dark. If you ignore (or don't hear) the alert, the backlight turns off and
the pump "sleeps" again for whatever the time period is and then signals the 
alert again.  However, these subsequent alerts do NOT turn on the back-light 

I'm guessing this is a battery saving feature.  The logic would be that if you 
didn't catch the alarm the first time, then you are in a position that you 
 likely wouldn't catch it again the next time. (Perhaps you have it off, or you
are sleeping, etc.)  So, instead of turning the backlight on and off every few 
minutes, it just keeps it off from then on until you acknowlege the alert.  
Most of the time, however, it will be with you, and so you'll check it the 
first time, so turning on the backlight for this is normal.

Perhaps the Cozmo has the same procedure.


>When alerts go off on my Cozmo, sometimes the backlight turns on, and other
>times it doesn't. Has anyone else noticed this or figured out why it comes
>on sporadically? Doesn't seem to matter what the alert is -- sometimes it
>lights up, sometimes it doesn't. 
> I ahve the MimiMed Paradigm and mine does this too . . . I was wondering the
 >same thing as I am a new pumper. If anyone out there knows why, I would love
>know too . . . it isn't just with your pump
>Kerry A. Guidry
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