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[IP] RE: Starting my Animas Pump Soon!

My biggest fear when starting the pump (Animas) was that it would not live 
up to the promised expectations.  I was surprised to find out that the 
pump actually exceeded my expectations.  Last A1C was 5.8% and every one 
gets a little better.  If you are successful with the pump you can see 
80-90% of all BGs between 80-140 mg/dL.  I also lost 30 pounds.  Lows are 
finally under control.  You will find that almost all of your BGs outside 
your target will have an assignable cause. On MDIs I could go to bed with 
a BG of 100 mg/dL and wake up with a 220 mg/dL with no questions asked. On 
an insulin pump, if my BGs has significantly changed overnight then I know 
that there is a reason (bad site, rebound from low, etc).  One of the 
things that I have found is that many pump companies tell you that you 
will have a new found freedom when on the pump.  I feel somewhat the 
opposite.  When I disconnect, I feel like I am finally free. 

Wearing Animas 1000R 24/7 in WI.

Hello List!
 I just got my new Animas Pump yesterday, and I am SO thrilled about 
starting it. Unfortunately, I have to wait until August 5! I want to get 
on the damn thing NOW. Hehe. So...pumpers...I'm wondering, will this truly 
be a life-changing experience, when I start my insulin pump? I'm so 
nervous and excited at the same time!
 Any Animas Pumpers...feel free to share your Animas Pump stories! I am so 
thrilled about starting!
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