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RE: [IP] questions about hypoglycemia and diabetes

You can experience lows without diabetes.  First of all, experiencing lows is 
NOT normal for a Type 2 diabetic unless they are on insulin. Type 1 diabetics 
experience lows frequently due to imprecise dosing of insulin versus food 
consumption/activity, etc.

However, there are those with "hypoglycemia".  Typically, these are people 
 where their body might OVER produce insulin in response to food, resulting in a

My father had this as do a few of my siblings.  None of them have every 
developed diabetes (Type 1 nor 2) except for me alone.

One common cause of this is eating a LOT of sugar at once without much fat or 
protein to balance it out.  The surge of sugar triggers an overproduction of 

 As an example: My brother once drank a full 16 oz. glass of grape juice, which
is very high in sugar content.  Not long afterwards, he started experiencing 
dizziness and shakes.  (This was particularly bad since he was on a ladder at 
the time!)  He fell from the ladder, but fortunately only a few feet.  It 
turned out that he was experiencing low blood sugar in response to having had 
too much sugar at once.
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