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[IP] questions about hypoglycemia and diabetes

Just a little background. . .I'm 39, and was mis-diagnosed type 2 at 36. 
Many, many years ago, at age 19, I was in a college classroom and felt
really bad.  The next thing I knew, my professor was helping me off of
the floor.  I had my blood sugar tested at the university health center
and they told me it was low, go eat, then go to work.  OK.  I saw my
doctor, he found out the level and told me it was low, but not low enough
for me to pass out.  I don't know if I'm remembering right or not, but I
think it was in the 60s.  I had an EEG, all was OK.  A few months later,
I felt the same way and knew it was coming.  I conked out again.  That
time, my doctor ordered an all day glucose tolerance test.  It also
turned out OK.  So, for many years, when I felt weird I ate something
with carbs and was fine.  When I was 28 and dh and I went to the Mayan
ruins at Chichen Itza I felt "weird" again and probably desecrated a
temple by drinking a box of juice inside.  It didn't help.  Well, I heard
the speech about what the ancient Mayans did to the WINNING team's
captain (and his head) at the Ball Court (I know this doesn't make sense
if you've never been there or heard about what they did) and thought,
"Oh, no" and passed out again.  Well, a year or so later I was diagnosed
gestational diabetic and had to test my bg levels.  My tester confirmed
that the weird feelings were indeed low blood sugar.  The last
time(before my "official" diagnosis) I remember feeling "low" was after
my second child was born, probably a year before I was diagnosed with
diabetes.  I ate some cookies and was fine.  Of course, by the time I was
diagnosed my hbA1c was 14.8, so I hadn't been low for awhile.  

So, here's what I'm wondering, especially from anyone who was diagnosed
with type 1 as an adult, or is the parent of a child with diabetes.  Is
it normal to have hypo episodes if you don't have diabetes?  My husband
says he occasionally feels light-headed and low.  He thinks it's normal
to occasionally have low blood sugar.  My daughter has described symptoms
that sound like low blood sugar.  Neither of them is in any mood to have
their wife or mommy come at them with a lancet, so I haven't been able to
be sure if it's low blood sugar or something else.  Also, are episodes of
hypoglycemia signs that a person will eventually develop diabetes?  Type
1 or 2 or either?  Is there anyone here who was diagnosed as an adult who
had episodes of low blood sugar YEARS before their diagnosis?  I tested
positive for islet cell antibodies, so I'm officially a type 1.  Also,
when I had the glucose tolerance test (over 15 years before my official
diagnosis) it didn't show that I had hypoglycemia.  

Ironically, I've had blood sugar levels down in the 30s since my
diagnosis, and have never passed out.  Knock on wood (banging on my


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