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[IP] Tape allergy follow up

Well, last week I posted that MM had given me a solution to my tape 
allergy problem. 

Well, a week later, and 3 site changes, things are only getting 
better!  I now have no evidence of any reactions at all, and my skin in 
the abs area is actually improving.

So, as a review for those who are interested:

1. Stop using any skin prep on the abdomen, particularly alcohol-based 
preps such as IV Prep, etc.  These quickly dry out the skin and remove 
the natural oils in the skin that actual serve to protect it.
2. Stop using any form of cleanser on the abdomen area.  I just wash 
with water, and after I shower, apply some cocoa butter as a 

That's it.  Almost immediately I saw an improvement, and now, you would 
never know I ever had a reaction to anything.

The problem is NOT the soap as some people were kind enough to offer 
suggestions on (Ivory, Baby Magic, etc).  The problem is that ANY kind 
of cleanser (including gentle Ivory, etc.), washes away the skin's 
natural oils.  Those natural oils are the key to preventing the tape 


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