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[IP] Disetronic H-TRONplus V100

Hi guys....

I know there has been alot of hoopla concerning Disetronic lately, but 
I think alot of it is much about nothing.  I've read the 8 pgae letter 
from the FDA, as well as the various responses from Disetronic.  I 
think alot of this is to due w/ what the FDA considers adequate 
recordkeeping and process controls (in their minds.)  I pumped with my 
HTron's for 4 years, and now the last 10 months with the D-TRONplus.

Both are excellent pumps with nary a drawback.  In fact, over the 
weekend I started up my H-TRONplus becasue I miss the smaller form 
factor.  When you're used to such a small pump, the D-Tronplus starts 
to wear on you.

People should take a look see here:

"This action comes from problems with manufacturing documentation and 
company procedure. European manufacturing emphasizes use of master 
craftsmen who construct each pump from start to finish before 
comprehensive testing is done to ensure the pump meets very high 
standards. The FDA prefers a more piecemeal, add a part, then test, 
approach to manufacturing. Roche, the parent company, plans to start a 
manufacturing plant in the U.S. to address this need."

"Current Disetronic users will continue to receive full support for 
their pumps. However, no new patients may be started on Disetronic 
insulin pumps at this time. This situation is expected to last less 
than 12 months and Distronic is expected to launch their small, 
sophisticated, next generation pump in the U.S. at that time."

Personally, I can't wait to hear what the next generation of pumps will 
look like from Disetronic!


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