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[IP] Re: Increase insulin sensitivity

>>>my carb/insulin ratio has gone up or down however you look at it., i'm
getting more carbs for less insulin.
I've been at 98-118 ALL day! which i've had about 180gm including ice cream!
yeah okay so it was no sugar added breyers. 14gm per 1/2cup. This also
included bbq pork ribs for dinner.>>>

I'd say those numbers are PERFECT and not to worry! Would that we all could
carry on with BGs like that. Oh, why the SF ice cream? Check the carbs and
I'll betcha they're pretty equal (pardon the pun), and you don't get
diarrhea from it. Tastes better, too. ;-)

>>>i've been like this now for... well about 10days.. >>>

I'm not sure if you think this is a problem, or what? Some of us would
*kill* for numbers like that.

>>>since I got sick with the flu again. i've called my endo back in
california, he said i might have burnt out whatever i had left. which makes
sense to me considering, no matter what i eat, as long as i cover it.. i'm
good to go. btw.. >>>

Still don't understand if this is considered a problem. Only could be since
we shouldn't drive under 100 BG, so one 4g glucotab would raise that 98
maybe to 110. ;-)

>>> I've only been pumping since the start of May. could this just be I've
everything set correctly now also?>>>

Sounds like you shouldn't adjust anything. Perhaps later on adjustments will
need to be made for hormonal changes, etc.

>>>anyone have a clue? I'm kinda at a loss here, and scratching my hair frm
my head pondering isn't helping. lol>>>

I'm sure you were on a long-lasting insulin and some people take longer for
all of it to get out of their systems. A lot of people cut their insulin
usage drastically after pumping. Mine was reduced about 30% and that was 20
years ago with very non-sophicated pumps.

Hope you begin enjoying the great control of BGs you seemingly have now.

Jan (64 y/o, dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
Dialyzing since 7/8/02 http://maxpages.com/bludasue  AND
http://www.picturetrail.com/dmBASHpics (and EVOLUTION OF
INSULIN PUMPS with World's Youngest Pumper)

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