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RE: [IP] BG Really Low but You're Still Functioning

I still function when I'm quite low (20s) but not very well.  You've got
it correct when you say that our bodies eventually get our livers to
release glucose, but it's not reliable at all.  It is what causes you to
have highs out of all proportion to what you eat if you go low and start
getting the physical symptoms (for me, fuzzy thinking, profuse sweating,
shakiness) -- it has to do with the hormone that makes your liver start
to pump out sugar.  (I'm sure someone with more knowledge of
biochemistry can explain it more technically).  The problem with relying
on this, as you did on your cave expedition, is that sometimes you go
into unconciousness and seizure before your body starts the process that
kicks your liver into gear.  This (aside from the bad effect of being
that low would have on your body) would have been inconvenient, to say
the least.  And sometimes your liver doesn't have enough stored sugar to
counteract the insulin that's making you low, and I've been told you can
die (also inconvenient :( )

This mechanism isn't very precise, however, and your liver doesn't know
when to stop after it's been kick-started.  So people often go very high
after a severe low -- I know I do (YMMV)

It sounds like you had a few things possibly going on on this adventure
into diabetic experience -- 1)  different sites can have different
behavior as far as absorbing insulin goes (just like you might have to
change a site because your sugars are going high, I've also had times
when my insulin needs adjusting lower while I have my site in one place,
only to return to 'normal' when I move the site), 2)  I've been told and
my experience has confirmed that one reason your BG goes low with
exercise is that exercise makes your muscles make better use of the
insulin you are providing, so a little goes a longer way), 3) exercise
concentrates blood flow to your muscles and away from your digestive
tract, and digestion slows down, so food takes longer to take effect if
you are exerting yourself and 4)  Murphy's law -- when you KNOW you
won't go low, you always do :)  

It doesn't sound like you miscalculated anything, and you took measures
that 'should have' kept your sugar in normal limits.  Too bad your
diabetes, like mine, didn't read the book and doesn't follow the rules!

YMMV, but that would be my best guess at what happened to you.
Hang in there,
Kathy Trondsen

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