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[IP] Increase insulin sensitivity

ok.. calling on the knowledge of the longer insulin users.
what would cause a significant increase in insulin sensitivity
without changing anything other then taking niacin?

i'm only taking 500mg a day in the mornings.

my carb/insulin ratio has gone up or down however you
look at it., i'm getting more carbs for less insulin.

I've been at 98-118 ALL day! which i've had about 180gm
including ice cream! yeah okay so it was no sugar added breyers.
14gm per 1/2cup. This also included bbq pork ribs for dinner.

i've been like this now for... well about 10days.. since I got sick
with the flu again. i've called my endo back in california, he said
i might have burnt out whatever i had left. which makes sense to
me considering, no matter what i eat, as long as i cover it.. i'm
good to go. btw.. my basal is 16.8u and bolus seems to run about
10:1 morning / 17:1 afternoon / 13:1 dinner. I've only been pumping
since the start of May. could this just be I've everything set correctly
now also?

pain also hasn't had much of an effect these past 10 days either.
though still take my 1000mg of asprin in the morning.

this afternoon for lunch had a large apple and some cheese. was
113 when i started, at 1hr test was 98, at 2hr was 112. I shot
1.2u figuring the apple was about 20gm + since it was a BIG

anyone have a clue? I'm kinda at a loss here, and scratching my
hair frm my head pondering isn't helping. lol

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