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[IP] BG Really Low but You're Still Functioning


I have had instances when my BS went low and it worked itself out.  I am not a 
 doctor, my I beleive our diabetic bodies have the ability to tell when our BS's
are low and our liver secretes glucose to correct it (you know, as if our 
pancreases worked properly).

 I'm not sure I am much help, but I wanted to let you know that you aren't going
crazy.  It has happened to me.  Since I've gotten my pump (2 yrs), if I don't 
have glucose with me and I feel low, I suspend my pump.  Especially if I'm in 
the middle of something physical (hiking, running, etc).  I'd rather be a 
little on the high side when I get a chance to take my BS, than have an EMT 
find my BS low once I've passed out.

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