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[IP] Re: Certificate from Joslin

if the certificate is important to you, then fine... i have no problem with 
that... i just dont get it.

(im only 3 years from 50 years, myself).. AND, any way, that anyone deals with
this "delightful disease", is  fine.... but, do i need, or desire, some 
clinic, who has never met me, has no particular interest in me, "Certifying 
me" (or some disease i happen to have) ??... I think not.....

id like to quote, one of my favorite people:
"I get up everyday just like you.
And I yell at my teenager to get out of bed so he can go to school, just 
like you do with yours.
And I take on the world  just like you. "

the fact that my life, is as normal (well, normal may be a stretch for me, 
since ive never been called normal), as it is, gives me a daily reason, to 
celebrate....(and i do.. i wake up every morning, i look at my family, then 
at my pump, and think "im i a lucky dog or what ??")

Diabetes, For Me, is little more, then some small baggage (and now, some 
small bag, i ware on my side).

I would never put anyone down, for having a party, celebrating their 
diabetes, or reaching, with they consider to me, a milestone....... not 
even a little.  but i Personally cant see CELEBRATING my diabetes... it 
would be like giving it too much importances...it is Not Who i am.  .

I simply celebrate every day.... just 'cause im alive.....(and... with my 
pump, i my celebrate, a little more............. well.......... 
celebratorialy (i like it, even if its not a word).)

Just my feelings....
(and just my personal feelings, about how i approach my illness... i do not 
mean, in any way, nor do i wish anyone who feels different, to take this as 
in insult, or degradation, on the way they choose to live)
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