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[IP] Re: certificate from Joslin ?

>well, ill restate it. Obviously, if they give you a certificate, for 25
>years of dm, it must be for 25 years, of dm. i guess what i wanted to now
then, is Why ??
>is it, because i (or anyone), lived that long ?? .. i just dont get the
reason ??

Len,  I'm applying for the 25 year certificate now so, in 18 more years, I can
get a paperweight without filling out any more forms.  I'll be 75 years old by
then and, who knows, I might need that paperweight.  I was told 32 years ago
that, as a Type 1, I probably wouldn't live to be 50, much less do 50 years
with DM.  But here I am.  No complications.  Having a wonderful time being
alive.  One by-product of all that *you're going to die a horrible death*
negativity might have manifested as my complete lack of a retirement plan.
So, most likely, I'll still be working at a desk when that 50 year paperweight
arrives.  Perfect.  Bring it on!

Lee and her Paradigm, Beep
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