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Re: [IP] Re: Type 1 vs. Type 2

In a message dated 7/27/2003 7:16:00 AM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> There is a woman who is 50 lbs. or more overweight and was 
> on oral meds for years and was recently put on insulin.  She just 
> told me she is now a Type 1 diabetic!  GRRRRRR!  Makes me crazy, 
> probably cause I'm the mom of a Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed when he 
> was 9. 
>>>Snip.....Thus there is now a category called 1.5 since there are so many 
with both problems. The biggest thing, is that we are usually all in the same 
boat and have to deal with the same issues.<<

Ok, I don't want to flame, and that is not my intention, but I do have to 
 comment. As I read these posts, I somehow get the feeling that I am almost in a
status war. I myself have gone down the path of being dxd, oral meds, insulin, 
and pump. I am T2, or maybe 1.5, but in reality, to me, it doesn't matter. 
 What does matter, is that I recognize that my body is not functioning normally,
and I am taking care of it the best that I can. (Whoever posted the second 
part of the above snip, has it right.

Let's not argue, but educate. Some people are going to stubbornly cling to 
their belief that they are T1, T2, T1.5, Brittle, etc. There is a women in my 
apartment building who my roommate is friends with, who claims to be T1 and 
 Brittle. Her actions do not fit what she says, but the bottom line is, she is
taking care of herself properly. 

Lets not get angry when someone gets it wrong, just gently educate, if the 
person is   willing to listen, and help them test more, learn more, etc. The 
 Types are there for diagnosis and treatment guidelines, as everyone is
(And we all know that even the docs are not very helpful at times.) But the 
Types are not there as Status symbols.....which is how a lot of the recent 
posts sound....."how dare s/he say they are Type whatever"......

Lets all be friends, regardless of Type, skin color, religious beliefs, where 
we live or which side of the tracks we live on. 

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