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[IP] My Cozmo Experience

Hi everyone, I thought it was time for me to share my experiences with my
Cozmo.  First of all let me give you a little background on me for those of
you who don't know me.  I have been a type one Diabetic for 20 years.  Been a
"pumper" for almost 5.  My previous pump was the Disetronic Htron Plus.  I
upgraded to the Cozmo in May of this year.  I have to say this pump has made a
world of difference for me.  I just got my A1c back after changing pumps and I
went from a 7.4 which I was stuck at for 9 months down to a 6.7 !!!!  I did
NOTHING different with the exception of using the features on my new Cozmo.
For example.. I use the meal reminder for that If I don't take a bolus within
an allotted time frame which I decide then it gives me an "alert" You have not
taken a bolus for this meal.. With two young kids ages three and 21 months its
very easy to forget to bolus when you eat on the go... The other thing I did
was to program in the custom carb ratios for my meals.. I can set a different
carb ratio for every meal and this allows me to "play dumb" meaning I don't
have to do the math for figuring out my needed insulin.  All I do is tell the
pump how many grams of carbs I ate and it does the rest... This pump has alot
of bells and whistles which I have not even started to play with and I know
that once I do my A1C will only get even better.. So for any of you who wanted
a Cozmo experience this is mine and again this is a YMMV thing.. but it sure
has made a world of difference for me..


Who loves her Blue Cozmo !!!
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