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[IP] Re: Type 1 vs. Type 2

>>Here's the rub.
Some Type 2 do indeed become insulin dependent. Pills alone certainly 
didn't do it and we're not getting a good result with the pair.<<

Type 2's do not become Type 1's.  The poster said she WAS a Type 2 
but is now insulin dependent...not that she is an insulin dependent 
(or insulin using) Type 2.

>>Also Type 1's become insulin resistant.<<

If Type 1's become insulin resistant, then they have developed that 
resistance over time and now have Type 2 as well.  Type 1's do not 
have insulin resistance as a rule.  Few Type 1's develop Type 2 but 
it takes years to happen.

>>I know of one teenager who was first diagnosed with Type 1 and now 
>>is being treated additionally with oral drugs because of the 
>>insulin resistant.<<

Maybe the teenager was diagnosed improperly as a Type 1 because of 
his/her age.  Type 2 is such an epidemic that it isn't considered an 
adult disease anymore.

>>Thus there is now a category called 1.5 since there are so many with both
problems.  The biggest thing, is that we are usually all in the same 
boat and have to deal with the same issues.<<

I don't agree that we are all in the same boat.  There are distinct 
differences between Type 1's and Type 2's.  The new category called 
1.5 isn't for already diagnosed Type 1's (whose diabetes was caused 
by auto-immune problem) but for new adult diabetics who fit both 
categories upon diagnosis.  Type 1's and 1.5's are still in the less 
than 10% category vs. 90% of Type 2's.

It's funny to me that we get upset that the general public doesn't 
understand diabetes and the differences between the types when I find 
that many on this list (who are diabetes themselves) don't either.  : 
)  I find this to be true of diabetics that I talk to in my home town 
as well.  There is a woman who is 50 lbs. or more overweight and was 
on oral meds for years and was recently put on insulin.  She just 
told me she is now a Type 1 diabetic!  GRRRRRR!  Makes me crazy, 
probably cause I'm the mom of a Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed when he 
was 9.  No oral meds or diet change for him, insulin injections from 
the get-go.  And I know that not all Type 2's are overweight.  My dad 
is Type 2 and is in great shape.  He is on oral meds right now and 
may progress to insulin, but he will always be a Type 2.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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