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[IP] Re: Certificate from Joslin?

Lenlutz wrote:

Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 13:26:41 -0400

From: len lutz <email @ redacted>

Subject: [IP] Re: certificate from Joslin ?

well, ill restate it. Obviously, if they give you a certificate, for 25
years of dm, it must be for 25 years, of dm. I guess what I wanted to now
then, is Why ??is it, because I (or anyone), lived that long ?? .. I just
dont get the reason ??

My guess would be this:  Its for a CONGRATULATIONS   for having survived
that long with living with diabetes.  I am thrilled to have my certificate,
and darn proud to have lived this long with this lovely disease.  <vbseg>
It is a major accomplishment.  We deserve some sort of recognition, don'tcha
think Len?


IDDM 36 years, pumping MM507C 4.2 years
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