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Re: [IP] HaPpY dAnCiNg

We have Aetna insurance and Jenny, 14, has an Animas pump. This has been 
a very happy combination for us for two and a half years now. No 
complaints about the insurance or the pump. Animas works well with the 
insurance company and we have not paid a penny out of pocket for 
anything. Even batteries have been covered.



Elizabeth Ramsey wrote:

>This is what happened early this morning....
> <I had an interesting call yesterday morning(Wed) just before lunch. Tuesday
>night, I emailed two insulin pump companies...one directly(Animas) and one to
>get a video (only option for that one, Minimed). Well, the one that I got to
>email directly called me in response to the email! And it looks like I may
>actually get a pump!!!!!!!!
 > Back last summer when I first started insulin I ended up in the ER after
>down to 26. Didn't mean to, obviously, just didn't calculate my humalog dose
>correctly for what I was eating and WHAM! Well, that is a definite help toward
 >my case for a pump. So the Animas rep emailed me the release form for me to
 >and fax back. And my husband just took all the stuff he needed to work with
>to fax back today. So CROSS your toes and PRAY!!!!!>
>Now...here, as Paul Harvey is fond of saying, is the rest of the story....
 > I have BEEN APPROVED for the pump!!!!!! My insurance (Aetna Open Access PPO
>paying 100% of the pump, 100% of the supplies and I could have it as early as
>the END of NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!
>HaPpY dAnCiNg, HaPpY dAnCiNg, HaPpY dAnCiNg!!!! Liz
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