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Re: [IP] Starting my Animas Pump Soon!


I still remember pump training!!!!  I had read "Pumping Insulin" by Walsh.
I had read the Animas handbook.  And still I was a bit nervous going into
the thing.

My trainer, and all the people I have met at Animas are really great to work
with!  They will make you feel at ease in no time.

I don't know if I'm supposed to tell this.... After you have your site set
up, and your tubing attached to the pump, and have taken care of the
priming.  It will be time to plug the hose into your site.  If it doesn't
plug in, turn the tube end over.  There is a top and bottom to the thingee
(I love throwing technical terms around!)

Use your time studying.  I can't say it will make you less nervous, but it
will make your training have more sense to it.


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Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2003 1:03 PM
Subject: [IP] Starting my Animas Pump Soon!

> Hello List!
>  I just got my new Animas Pump yesterday, and I am SO thrilled about
> it. Unfortunately, I have to wait until August 5! I want to get on the
> thing NOW. Hehe. So...pumpers...I'm wondering, will this truly be a
> life-changing experience, when I start my insulin pump? I'm so nervous and
> excited at the same time!
>  Any Animas Pumpers...feel free to share your Animas Pump stories! I am so
> thrilled about starting!
> Thanks,
> Christina
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