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[IP] Re: BG Really Low but You're Still Functioning

aren't the BG meters less accccurate at lower numbers, o maybe it wasnt'
quite as low as 30?

i have functioned at numbers way under 50, too, but discovered when standing
that i felt low


----- Original Message -----

> Hello. Just wondering if there are any others like me out there. I was
> mowing the yard Thursday night (push mower, great exercise), when I
> started noticing that I might be a little low.  I had my daughter run
> in the house to get my meter, since my shoes were all grassy, and when
> I checked I was 28.  That's not the lowest I've ever been, but it is
> the lowest when I was physically working.  I also think it happened to
> me last night. My family and I went to explore a cave we found. On the
> drive there, I had a double cheeseburger and some fries. I was normal
> (132) when I ate these. I bolused UNDER what I would normally for such
> a meal PLUS, when we got out of the Jeep, I suspended my pump, just to
> be safe.  We had been walking, exploring, for about an hour and I
> started getting that feeling (darkness when I looked down, tired,
> etc...).  No, I didn't have my meter with me OR any snacks because I
> had just eaten dinner, so I just waited it out. When I got back to my
> meter (about an hour and a half later), I was up to 178.  I know I had
> gone low, I felt the same as I had the night I was 28 when mowing, but
> I guess your body releases glucose to cover it eventually?  No, I've
> never passed out from a low, but as you can tell, I don't have much of
> a sensitivity to lows either.   Anyway, I know I did several things
> wrong when we went caving, no lectures please, but really just want to
> know if others out there experience these lows and "come back to tell
> about them"?  I'm 38 and have had diabetes since I was 18.
> Karen
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