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Re: [IP] Comparing insurance notes

This depends on so many things.

My son also has BC/BS Community Blue PPO in MI, however, he pays $85
every two weeks just to insure himself.  Plus he has a $600 deductible
per year, his prescriptions have a $20/$30 co-pay and he has a 20%
durible medical equipment co-pay.  He works for a company with about 60
full-time employees.  But he has insurance and knows he couldn't get
anything on his own that would give him better coverage.
Judi in MI
email @ redacted

> Kathleen Weaver" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >What plan you get depends on a couple of factors:  how big is the group is
> >the biggest factor.  The other factor is how much does the company want to
> >spend on insurance.  Thus they will go to the table and bargain (I'm not
> >exactly sure they always are, but it can involve multiple companies).
> >
> >So what your plan has and does depends entirely on the size of the group
> >and the negotiating power they have.
> While I agree with this to a point, I must comment here.  My husband's 
> company is a very small company located in Michigan.    The company only 
> has about 20 full-time employees covered under the insurance.  We currently 
> have BC/BS Community Blue PPO.  My durable medical equipment is covered 
> 100% all paid, no ceiling.  My prescription coverage is $5 generic/$10 
> non-generic.  Yes, the premium is higher and we pay a portion of it.  The 
> reason we have such good insurance, however, is because the owner of the 
> company also has this insurance, and he wants the best for himself.  This 
> has made a big difference for us.  And, they did negotiate the prescription 
> coverage since at that time, BC was not offering that option.   So there 
> are a lot of factors that determine how good your insurance coverage may be.
> RoseLea
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