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Re: [IP] Pumps and Jobs

I think your friend is finding excuses not to use a pump.

you never mentioned anything, like if your freind WAS looking for an excuse,
and,the quote may be coming  from someone who has never crawled under a 
truck, or worked with heavy machinery.... (MAY be.... no flaming intended)

i love my pump, but, if i were still working around machinery, i CAN see 
being a little nervous.... sometimes, the pump has fallen off my belt

i think, to work around machinery, you'd want to ware the pump, in a small 
and DEFIANTLY inside your pants..... i can just imagine the stuff i work 
20 or so years ago, and getting that line, caught in some gears.. OUCH... 
like i can feel it...

if hes NOT looking for an excuse, he will, IMO, have to take a few 
precautions, do things a little slower at first, and be careful (is that 
redundant... im not sure)

when i work in my wood shop, i am VERY aware, of my pump, and do EVERYTHING 
a little slower, then i did, before wearing the pump.. if the line, were to 
get caught in a burr, in the wood, i could cause a gash down my chest....
(not something im looking for)

waring the pump, in a "industrial situation", is a challenge, that must be 
dealt with very carefully....
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