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Re:[IP] Comparing insurance notes

>>While I agree with this to a point, I must comment here.  My husband's 
>>company is a very small company located in Michigan.    The company only

>>has about 20 full-time employees covered under the insurance.  We

>>non-generic.  Yes, the premium is higher and we pay a portion of it.
>>reason we have such good insurance, however, is because the owner of the

>>company also has this insurance, and he wants the best for himself.
>>has made a big difference for us.  And, they did negotiate the
>>coverage since at that time, BC was not offering that option.   So there

>>are a lot of factors that determine how good your insurance coverage may

I agree with you too.

It's very rare though, in these times, that a small company can afford the
kind of health insurance you are getting.  That's the reason the state of
Texas pooled the school districts together.  While the larger district
could get decent rates, the small ones couldn't.  They also didn't have
the funds your husband's company has.

Kathleen Weaver
Marcie (beagle) Bettner's Byte O Magic, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, CGC
Maggie (beagle)
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