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Re: [IP] Starting my Animas Pump Soon!

Hi Christina,
 I have to say yes to your question, for me anyway. I used to see the
paramedics at least on a monthly basis, I have now not seen them in 7
months. My husband had to call them once during my first week of pumping, it
was kinda funny actually, by the time they got here I had removed my pump
and was drinking juice, so basically I was coherent by then(the reaction was
NOT as severe as they had been pre pump). The main paramedic was diabetic as
well and he was all curiouse about my pump(amimas) because he had not seen
one of them yet. He also told me not to worry, I might see them one more
time, but once I had my basals set correctly it would be way better, and it
sure is, the only down part is those paramedics sure were cute lol.
I love my pump, I just slept in untill 11 am (saturday) and my sugar was 79
when I finally dragged my but outa bed, I thought for sure I was high lol.
I would highly recomend getting the PUMPUNG INSULIN book from amazon through
this web site(if you go through this web site then they get a small
percentage of the money you pay for any books at amazon, is what I
understand any way). This book has helped to understand sooooooo much for
me, it helped me to correctly set my basals and to correctly figure out how
much insulin(bolus) is still working in my system so that I dont over
correct highs. It is the pumping bible as far as I am concerned!!!! Good
luck with your pump start up and keep us all posted!
Tami in Tucson
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