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RE: [IP] Starting my Animas Pump Soon!

I just started a little over two weeks ago and as for changing your
life....I'm still totally amazed by the difference between MDI and the pump.
I am feeling so much better and my sugars are, for the most part, staying
beautifully even. I am in so much more control than when I took Lantus and
Humalog and sure should have done this a long time ago. Enjoy....and August
5th is right around the corner so you have time to read the manual and get
to know the pump.....:)


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Subject: [IP] Starting my Animas Pump Soon!

Hello List!

 I just got my new Animas Pump yesterday, and I am SO thrilled about
it. Unfortunately, I have to wait until August 5! I want to get on the damn
thing NOW. Hehe. So...pumpers...I'm wondering, will this truly be a
life-changing experience, when I start my insulin pump? I'm so nervous and
excited at the same time!

 Any Animas Pumpers...feel free to share your Animas Pump stories! I am so
thrilled about starting!



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