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[IP] Real life use of the Deltec Cozmo my Paradigm has died for the third time!!!

Hello all.  I am a long time member of this board but haven't posted in 
months maybe even a year.  But now I need your help.  I am currently 
using a MM paradigm pump.  I have used the 507c, 508 and this is now my 
third paradigm pump.  The two other paradigm pumps failed.  My current 
pump is now having issues as well.  So I have basically had enough with 
MM. I have had so many issues with this pump I can't even begin to tell 
you.  The strange thing is I have never meet my rep., Molly Keane.  She 
has never called me to ever ask how my pumping experience has gone.  So 
I am finally giving up on MM.

I need advice.  I am looking at the Cozmo pump.  What is the word on 
the street.  Do people like the pump.  Easy to us? Is it reliable? What 
ever info. you can give me would be great.

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