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[IP] Disetronic Problem...

I have run into a situation that I find very disturbing,  Hope some of you
can help me.  I had my H-Tron Plus upgraded in January to a D-Tron Plus.  At
that time Disetronic told me that they would send the second pump the
following month.  It did not arrive.  I called in March, April, May, etc. to
no avail. Finally, in June, they told me that all their pumps are being held
up and cannot come through customs.  I then asked if they have received
payment in full from my insurance company.  They stated that they had!  So,
I sit here with one pump and Disetronic seems to have me over a barrel as
they have received all their money!  I am concerned about how many insurance
companies they are taking advantage of by accepting payment in full and not
shipping the product.  I have never had a complaint with Disetronic, but
this really bothers me.  Should I contact my insurance company?  A lawyer?
I was promised a backup pump and none seems to be forthcoming.  I wish I had
never "upgraded" with them!  I was happy with my H-Tron and dislike the bulk
of this pump and the fact that I cannot get my backup pump.

Now that I've vented, is anyone else having this problem?  Do we have any
recourse? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Lois Flint
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